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First Aid Kits:

We have a selection of many different first aid kits for schools, Industrial settings, Businesses, Emergencies, CPR, etc...

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Heartsine Samaritan AED

NEW - HeartSine Samaritan® PAD -(Public Access Defibrillator), Samaritan AED, Samaritan AED & PAD accessories, Samaritan AED Implementation, Samaritan Aed Trainer, Saver™ Software, AED carry cases, AED batteries and AED Pads, AED Wall Sign

The samaritan® AED is the perfect AED for all applications.

Basic trained rescuers will find the samaritan® AED easy to operate. Advanced Rescuers (such as medical and rescue professionals) will appreciate the large ECG display, rechargeable battery, manual override, and the ECG monitoring availability on select models.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight - Only 4.2 lbs
  • Long-lasting Battery: 12 -16 hrs monitoring or
    120 shocks (at full energy).
  • Built-in memory - inside the battery: assures data is captured every time.
  • LARGE display: allows the rescuer to see patient ECG, heart rate, number of shocks delivered, text prompts (coinciding with voice prompts) elapsed timer and battery fuel gage.
  • Easy-to-use: clear, concise, comprehensive, high-fidelity voice prompts guide the user.
  • Optional override capability: allows advanced rescuers the ability to select 100j - 150j - 200j - 230j of defibrillation therapy.

One of the most important features of the samaritan® AED is SCOPE™ Biphasic Waveform –This innovative and unique “Self-Compensating Output Pulse Envelope” automatically adjusts the biphasic waveform for each patient's specific impedances. This automatic adjustment allows the samaritan® AED to deliver a low-energy, escalating (100J - 150J - 200J) biphasic waveform. An override capability allows advance rescuers to shock up to 230J, helping to ensure high defibrillation efficacy.

Helping you...
Save Lives.

Escalating, Low Energy
Biphasic Waveform:
100J - 150J - 200J
Automatically compensates for each patient's resistances
SCOPE™ automatically optimizes the pulse envelope for one of the widest ranges of patient impedances - thus insuring high defibrillation efficacy.

Patented Technology
HeartSine has developed a unique, patent pending, biphasic defibrillation energy delivery system, called SCOPE™ or Self Compensating Output Pulse Envelope.

This advanced technology energy delivery platform is available on our complete family of AED devices. Developed through extensive experimental and clinical testing the SCOPE™ system gives unrivalled performance and optimizes the opportunity for successful defibrillation.

SCOPE™ has built-in patient safety, and limits the current delivered at higher energies. This ensures that patients only receive the energy that can have therapeutic effect, thereby limiting the risk of damage to heart cells.


SCOPE™ adjusts the slope characteristics of the energy waveform by switching in capacitance changes to provide an optimal current profile. The slope of this current profile is one element that ensures maximum efficacy in defibrillation which is adjusted for each shock on each patient according to their impedance.


SCOPE™ will also vary the amplitude of the delivered waveform to compensate for a broad range of patient impedances. This means that for a given patient impedance and energy level, the correct waveform profile is delivered for each phase of the biphasic shock.


Varying the pulse width for both phases of the waveform profile, allows SCOPE™ to compensate for a large patient impedance range. SCOPE™ ensures that the energy pulse is delivered efficiently and safely. Adjusting the pulse width over a 3-12 msec range ensures the major portion of its energy pulse to provide maximum therapeutic value.

The Samaritan®’s Data-Pak™ is a battery and data storage in one product Event information is recorded reliably in the Data-Pak™ battery. Stored information can be easily downloaded to any standard PC using the Saver® data management software. No datacards to lose or break, no card reader to purchase, or web access needed. The samaritan® can immediately return to service and save another life.

The Samaritan®’s Data-Pak™ is a battery and data storage in one product
The Data-Pak™ battery is a unique and powerful tool for today’s AED use.

With the longest lasting monitoring capabilities of all AED batteries, the Data-Pak™ will operate the samaritan® AED for 12 hours while using the backlight/16 hours without backlight, or provide over 120 shocks at 200J.

Built into each patented Data-Pak™ battery is a continuous event data storage system. The memory module can hold 12 - 16 hours of ECG (full disclosure) and event/incident recording, and up to 60 minutes of audio recording.

Key Features

  • 12 hours of monitoring
  • 120 shocks at 200J
  • 5 Year shelf life
  • 2 Year stand-by
  • Integrated flash memory for event & data recording

Why is it important to have a long lasting battery?
Maintaining and using your samaritan® AED should be as effortless as possible. The last thing you want to be worrying about is when to change out your battery, how to change it, and how long it will last in-use. Our state-of-the-art, long lasting Data-Pak™ battery simplifies everything, ensuring you years of stand-by power, and the comfort of knowing that your samaritan® AED will be ready to respond when an emergency arises.

What else is important about the Data-Pak™ battery?

It’s all about time. The Data-Pak™ battery charges extremely fast, reaching 100J in less than 6 seconds. It can complete three analyze/shock cycles in under 60 seconds. And when the time comes to change out your Data-Pak™ battery, or retrieve its data, you’ll be able to do so quickly and easily. Remember, time is not money… time is life!

Why is having the data system built into the battery so important?
With each and every use of the samaritan® AED, valuable event data is generated. Having an integrated battery/data system ensures that data is captured and recorded reliably and consistently every time the AED is used. No lost or damaged data cards, improper installations, compatibility problems or multiple cards to purchase or keep track of.

How do I download the data from my battery?
First, easily release and remove the battery from the AED and slip your alternate Data-Pak™ battery into the AED, so that your samaritan® AED is ready for use should an emergency arise while you are downloading the data. Then simply insert the battery with the data into our samaritan® Data Recovery Unit (SDRU). The stored information will be immediately transferred to our Windows-based saver® Data Management Software for review.

HeartSine Samaritan® PAD -(Public Access Defibrillator), Samaritan AED, Samaritan AED & PAD accessories, Samaritan AED Implementation, Samaritan Aed Trainer, Saver™ Software, AED carry cases, AED batteries and AED Pads, AED Wall Sign

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